Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amber and April:: Columbus, Ohio Maternity Photographer

As a photographer, there are some sessions that just end up moving you. This particular session, with Amber and April, ended up being one of them. I recruited the help of my AMAZING assistant Stephanie, and I think she would agree with me, that they were a really fun couple to work with.

I ran into Amber at one of my marketing gigs. She insisted that she was looking for a little something different. That she didn't want the same, generic poses that you often see in newborn and maternity photography. I assured her that I tried my hardest to make each session personal to the couple/family, and I would work my hardest to give her and April a customized experience.

Amber was a college soccer player, is athletic, but likes girly, flowers, etc. April, on the other hand, is a lot like myself, she may LOOK girly when you put her in a dress, but ruffles and flowers and frills are the LAST thing she wants;-) They balance each other, and you can tell by how they interact with each other, that they are going to bring their little girl, Adlei into a home FILLED with love.

Here are a few of the beautiful images I was able to capture of this beautiful family! I CANNOT WAIT for the newest member of their "team" to arrive this August...and I am sure, Amber and I may be able to talk April into wearing matching;-)

I LOVE this first shot....they were laughing so hard...although they may not be the best pictures technically speaking, I LOVE these types of shots.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Rainbow!! :: Columbus, Ohio Maternity Photographer

When I first started this journey, it was because I was in need of a MAJOR creative outlet after the devestating loss of my first born daughter, Rosalynn. I needed something that made me happy, and encouraged me to get out of the house. Work was work, and unfortunately, there were days I was constantly reminded of my loss with the frequent visits from pregnant ladies, miscarriages, and the occasional woman in labor. I worked in an ER. I was also becoming bitter, because there would be 7+ month pregnant women coming through the doors drunk and high on who knows what. I needed something that took me away from that and made me happy again. This is why I picked up the camera.

I was blessed to have an amazing support from women all over the country who had experienced losses such as myself. Holly was one of the first women I came in contact with. She is well known amongst the community, and luckily for me, she lives less than 2 hours away.

We had met up once or twice, and when she gave birth to her first rainbow baby, I begged her to let me take a few pictures. I needed the practice. I know, you are probably wondering what a "rainbow baby" is....well, you can find the explination here: (about 3/4 of the way down is the definition).

She agreed, and I made my way to her to take a few photos of her daughter, Lainey, you can see those pictures here:

I still LOVE these photos, but I can definitely tell I have come a LONG way!!

Well, Holly is officially expecting her second rainbow baby, Evanee!! And I am soooo blessed that she chose ME for her maternity session. She is absolutely stunning, and her girls are soooo cute!! All 4 girls were present through this shoot, including her angel Carleigh.

maternity photo

cute maternity photo

maternity sash

Holly was also VERY brave!! Not only did she want nudes, but she wanted me to post them. She claimed they were beautiful and needed to be shared:-) Of course when you are as beautiful as she is, it is easy to get great "nude" shots (as she points out, she is more covered in these shots then in a bakini!! LOL

Nude maternity

Nude Maternity

Nude maternity

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EJ and Eva:: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

All around the same time, 5 of David's coworkers, including us, were expecting little bambinos. One of them, however, were informed they were expecting TWINS!! I was hoping and praying the whole time that they would pick me as their newborn photographer, and was SOOO delighted when they did. There is something about twins that is so much fun. Of course it is double the work, but I think it is double the cuteness as well!!

I recruited the help of one of my photographer friends, Katrina from Katrina Genevieve Photography. That way mom and dad could get some much needed rest, and didn't have to assist me through the shoot. In fact, Katrina and I had everything so under control, we sent Van and Danielle out to lunch. I think they appreciated the short time away to enjoy a quick bite, knowing the babies were in good hands.

After this shoot, I officially have a new "Babies' first year" family, and I couldn't be happier! I am so excited to watch these two little munchkins grow in front of my lens!!

newborn twins

newborn twin photo

Newborn photo

Newborn  photo

newborn twin photo
newborn twins military

newborn twins military

newborn twins military

unique twins newborn photo

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Renewed Faith...and Some Great Changes!:: Columbus, Ohio Family Photogrrapher

When I was first starting out in the photography business, I was blessed to have an amazing mentor that would share knowledge and his own tricks and secrets with me. I entered into the community thinking all photographers would be like this. I was so spoiled by Doug, that I was certain that every experienced photographer would be willing to pass on their knowledge and know-how to the up-and-comings.

Boy was I WRONG! Unfortunately, as I immersed myself into the business, attending conferences, contacting other local photogs, my bubble was burst. I soon found almost the exact opposite was true. Alot of photographers, even ones outside of my target area, are territorial and snarky.

I soon started to become disheartened. In every other industry I have worked in, you become friends with people similar to you, who do the same work as you. I couldn't comprehend why this industry was so different. There are so many different styles and tastes when it comes to custom photography, I never understood the necessity of "competition". My theory was, and still is, that if someone likes my work, they will come to me over you. And if they are only going to you because your prices are lower, well good for them, but I am not budging. I value my time and talent, and will stay true to myself AND my prices.

Well, as I started to give up on trying to make any true friends who were photographers, I met some AMAZING women at the  PPO conference. Angie and Bess broke my new stereotype of photographers. We quickly became close, and although we live a ways apart, we still talk frequently on Facebook and the phone...not as often as I would like, but maybe we can work on that:-)

Then, a beautiful photographer and woman, Katrina, contacted me. She was referred to me by an old coworker and friend. As we got to talking, she invited me to this secret group on facebook. It only took me a few minutes of reading posts and seeing who was in this group, to realize the gift Katrina had just given me!

This group is filled with some of the best photographers in the nation (in my own opinion). This group is uplifting, helpful, and positive. They don't tear each other down, they don't consider each other competition..even though ALOT of them live in the same state. I have learned SOOO much from these photographers. My faith has officially been renewed by these men and women (primarily that is no surprise).

Expect a lot of positive charges from Irish Eyes Photography. I will be setting up an official office for consultations, proof viewings, and ordering in the very near future. I am starting boutique packaging for my prints, custom labeled discs, and possibly a new form of media to put image files on. I REALLY want my clients to see the benefits of ordering prints, and placing wall portraits in their homes. I want my photography sessions to be an experience from beginning to end. Hang in there with me as I implement these new things, and I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Bess, Angela, Katrina, and ALL the wonderful photographers in FSF! I could not be doing this without you!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Gabriel..Getting SOOO Big!!:: Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

I have quite a few families that opt for my "Baby's First Year" Package. I LOVE it when they do this, because I get to watch theese little munchkind grow up in front of my lens!

This particular family I happen to be very close to. The mom and I worked together for 4 years in the emergency room before I quit to become a photographer full time. I get really excited when they come, because not only do she and I get to catch up, but we just all have a really great time!

"Baby" Gabriel came in for his 6 month photos! He is by far one of the HAPPIEST babies I have had the pleasure of working with. I don't think there was a bad picture in the batch, and he was smiling in 95% of them!

His parents call him "cub" so I thought it fitting to dress him up like a little bear and put him amongst other bears. I had to borrow a few from my next door neighbor girl to get this many.

baby and bears stinkin cute is this?!?!? He was having a DEEP conversation with the animals!

6 month old boy photo

ALWAYS smiling!! I think he knows how loved he is:-)

6 month boy

I just LOVE this face heis making!! lol

6 month old

6 month baby boy photos

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two for the Price of One!! Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

You know how much I LOVE my kids. I think getting those perfect shots from kids under the age of two is sooo rewarding! I have so many tricks, toys and treats for my kids, but sometimes you are pleasantly surprised at what peaks the kid's interests. I had a set of twin boys in my studio a couple weeks ago. Evan and Noah were turning the big ONE! They didn't care about my rattles, or my toys, but they WERE interested in the lights in my soft boxes. They LOVED those lights!!

Erin, their mom, bought these adorable onsies with their names on it, which definitely helped me keep track of which twin was who, because they look EXACTLY the same. I had the brilliant idea of making a backdrop out of balloons...literally...that would match the onsies and also match the cake that we had made for the big cake smash. Lucky for me, my assistant wanted to help with this session, because in retrospect, I would never have had all of the balloons blown up in time for the shoot! Thank you Steph!!

Although it was hard keeping the boys away from being RIGHT in front of my lights, we had many hands to wrangle them, and ended up with some GREAT photos!!

Coming towards my lights!! lol

LOVE this one!!

I cannot imagine how exhausted they are all the time....these two boys wore me out in 1 hour!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally Engaged:: Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

This shoot is one that has been much anticipated for YEARS. My sister, Kate, and her boyfriend, Kyle, have been dating for nearly 7 years. They met when they were freshmen in college, and although they never "officially" dated until about 4 years ago, they were what my best friend and I like to call "might-as-well-bes".

This past February Kyle finally popped the question, and I was THRILLED! Once they set a date, we waited for the weather to start getting nicer and more predictable, and set aside an afternoon for photos.

In March, I went on vacation with my husband and dad. When we were driving home, I started paying attention to my surrounding as we neared my parent's farm. My sister and Kyle had already decided they were getting married on the farm, so I figured their engagement session should have a few setting near their venue spot.

One thing about being a photographer, is you are always looking for that next "best place" to photograph clients. You pay more attention while you are a passenger, and MAN did I find some AMAZING settings!! All of them within 6-8 miles of my parents home. For those of you in the Columbus, Ohio area looking for a photographer, if you are interested in these setting, I am warning you it is a 1 hour trip from Columbus, but WELL worth it for amazing engagement/family session photos!!

Also, these photos are the perfect example of why I get excited for overcast days when my clients seem disappointed. Overcast is a photographer's best friend....the colors just POP!! :-)

I also Have to give props to Katie and was 45 degrees and windy....and yet they make it look like it was warm and comfortable!! 

Add caption

LOVE this one in B&W too!!!