Friday, June 29, 2012

Very Special Family:: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

When I started out photography, I started out because I needed a creative outlet because of Rosalynn's death. As I progressed, I relized I wanted to give back. I wanted to use the gift that God had bestowed upon me to give back to a community that had helped me through the roughtest parts of my life, the baby loss community.

I am sure many of you have heard of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, if not, you should really check them out, and suppport/donate, because they are an amazing orginization. Unfortunately, I don't think I am emotionally strong enough to join that group of photographers yet. I feel it is still too early in my grief to relive those moments every time I walk into a hospital room of another family who just experiences the worst pain any human can...the loss of their child.

So, I decided to do my own twist on things. A way for me to still give back. I offer very special shoots such as this one.

Jill, the mother, contacted me. She had recieved my information from a friend who was a part of a support group. I LOVE hearing how my name is being spread! She wanted a VERY special shoot. She had already had Luke's newborn photos done, but she wanted something that only a Baby Loss Parent would understand....a full family photo...including their first born son, Colin.....grab a tissue:-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

500 fan AND 1st Anniversary Giveaway!!!!

I was going to post about a very special shoot this morning, but I woke up to an amazing surprise. I hit 500 fans last night!!! Almost EXACTLY 1 year ago I "officially started my business. I made the leap from portfolio building to paid sessions. And, of course, I made it official by opening the Irish Eyes Photography facebook page....and as we all know, once it is on facebook, it is official:-)

So in celebration of 1 year, and 500 followers, I am going to do a giveaway for my local people!!

Originally I was going to do 1 prize, but upon the realization of the timing (IEP's 1 yr anniversary) there will be 2 prizes!!

The details:

First Prize ($150 value):

Family session!!! As the holidays are only a few months away, this is a PERFECT opportunity to get your family together for holiday cards! This Session will include 1-1.5 hours of my time and talent, an online viewing gallery of 20-30 edited images, and 25 custom designed Holiday Cards.

This session must be fulfilled by October 31st. This will ensure time for me to custom design, order and deliver your Holiday cards for mailing!

Second Prize ($275 value):

16x24 Canvas Gallery wrap. This piece of art will make a statement in your home! This canvas image will come from a future session, and the standard session fee still applies.

How to enter:

Winner must be local or plan to be in the Central Ohio area in the upcoming months as the images for either must come from a future session. The one exception is if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and can meet with me between the dates of July 29-August 4th.

Email me at ! Send a photo of your family, and tell me a little bit about yourself, and WHY you deserve the session. On July 4th (My 1 yr anniversary), I will post an album on Facebook of all the entrants. Then the voting will commence! Send all of your friends and family to "like" your story/images. The most "likes" by July 10th gets their choice of prize. Runner up will be awarded the other prize! Easy as that!!

Pass the word! Send friends and family to my Facebook page or here to my blog

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pamela and Joe Engagement Session:: Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

I am sooo excited!! In a little over two weeks I get the pleasure of photographing a beautiful couple's wedding. They will be exchanging vows at the Marble head Lighthouse, and I cannot wait!! 

Of course, included in every wedding package is a complimentary engagement session. I LOVE engagement sessions for a number of reasons, but one of them is because it give me the opportunity to get to know the couple a little better. I may already know one, or BOTH of them already, but it helps me see how they interact together. I get to see their personalities, and how adventurous they are:-)

Pam and Joe are a GREAT couple to work with! You can tell by the way they look at each other they are truly in love. They joke, and laugh, and are all around an easy going couple. I see an amazing wedding day in the future! Did I mention after the reception, I am heading with the bride and groom and the entire wedding party to Cedar Point!?!?!? They will all still be in their dresses!! I cannot WAIT for those photos!!

Until then, here are the photos from their engagement session:-)

columbus, ohio engagement

Columbus, Ohio Family photographer

columbus, ohio family photographer

Columbus, Ohio Engagement photographer
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Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

Columbus, Ohio Engagement photos

Engagement Photo

Engagement Photography Columbus, Ohio

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mason 3 Months Old:: Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

When marketing experts say word of mouth is the best form of marketing, they are not lying. My sister in law lives in Spencerville, Ohio (2 hours away). A friend of hers lives in Columbus, and when asking around for a photographer, my sister in law suggested me! I was truly flattered, and was excited to meet a new family that I could potentially watch their little munchkin grow up in front of my lens.

Mason was just adorable. Typically, 3 month olds are a little difficult to capture, because they are at that stage in life they can't do a whole lot. They can't sit up yet, some of them can't quite push up on their arms, and they don't sleep as much as newborns, so the sleepy baby pictures are almost impossible to get. However, Mason was a rockstar! He was such a little ham for the camera, and I can't wait to see him again.

Thank you so much Sydney for refering Jody to me!

3 month boy

3 month boy

3 month boy
I said ALMOST never sleep! lol...this lasted about 60 seconds!

3 month boy
he is a thinker:-)

3 month boy
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3 month boy

3 month boy

Monday, June 11, 2012

15 years of Wedded Bliss!! :: Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

I am so blessed to have some amazing people and families in my life. Inspirational, uplifting people. Lisa and Spencer and their children are definitely one of those families! Lisa and Spenc have been married for 15 years!!! They started young, but they have surpassed the young marriage statistics. 4 children, numerous trials, and they are as in love, if not MORE in love then they were 15 years ago.

I put a casting call out for a rock the dress session. I was approached by many, but chose this couple because of their story, and because of the love I can see emanating between them. I knew it would be an effortless session!

This would be Spencer's first time seeing Lisa in a wedding dress. So Lisa LOVED the idea of a "first look" moment being captured. They drove separately, I set Spencer up, and then witnessed his reaction to seeing his 15 yr bride in a beautiful dress!!

Then it was time for the "Rock the dress" session:-)

And Lisa DEFINITELY rocked the dress!!!

This last photo was sort of symbolic of the situation....we went around the corner and found a Delorian!! Lol....the whole session was a "blast from the past" so we thought it was fitting to take a photo next to the car:-)