Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Miss Josie:: Columbus Ohio Childrens Photographer

Oh What can I say about darling Josie?? She is just SUCH a sweet, beautiful baby girl! She is also growing up WAY too fast. she caame to see me for her 3 month session, and she had already changed SOOOOO much from her newborn session. She is so full of personality, and truly a sweet sweet baby girl! On one hand, I can't wait to see the girl she grows up to be, but then again, I want time to stand still. Here are just a few images from her 3 month.

If you want to see how she came to be, and her mom and dad's love story, click on the video at the bottom of this post. Our second Journey of Life project has come to a close, and it was a pretty great outcome:-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Isabella:: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photography

I am SOOOOO ecstatic to share this session. Miss Isabella was a DREAM in the studio. Her family is amazing! Her mom and dad are obviously enamored by her, and her older sisters are in love.

This beautiful family was referred by another family of IEP. I LOVE when clients refer their friends and family.

When Keri and I got talking, and she told me Isabella's dad rode a Harley, I KNEW I had to incorporate that into the session, I just wasn't quite sure HOW. Then I realized I had a HUGE garage door on my studio, that worked great to roll the bike right in for an AMAZING photo of baby on a bike;-)


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Prince Titus:: Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

What can I say about this family?!? Leen has been such an inspiration. We happened upon each other while promoting our businesses at a local children's sale. Both of us are red heads, both of us are chatty, and both of us are outgoing. So it didn't take but a minute for us to become great friends. In our first day of knowing each other, she knew about my stillbirth, met my daughter, and heard my "story". I listened as she talked about her recent miscarriage, her mother's death, and more of her "story". So you can imagine how ECSTATIC I was when she called me about a year later to tell me that her and Las were EXPECTING!!!!! She had told me that day at the sale that she was hiring me for her maternity and newborn photos whenever she got pregnant....well, she wasn't lying. She called me when she was about 5 weeks pregnant.....maybe even earlier. She was soooooo excited. I have loved every moment of following her through the journey of prince Titus and was COMPLETELY HONEORED to capture these!!!
Enjoy some of his newborn photos....and CHECK OUT THAT HAIR!!!!