Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family on the Farm:: Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with an amazing family recently. I LOVE when my current clients refer new people my way, I have the pleasure of enjoying new company, even if for only a few short hours.
 Borah and Johnny are such a beautiful couple. It is really hard to get a BAD shot when I have such great subjects to work with. Their sons, Maddox and Ayden are so handsome, and even the dog was great looking!! lol;-)
They were troopers!! When we were worried about the weather, we were about to reschedule, but we noticed the weather was going to avoid my parents' house, it is about 1 hour outside of Columbus. Borah had seen the photos from my sister's engagement session, and wanted to visit some of the same sites. We were blessed with beautiful light, and beautiful locations for their family shoot.
I can't wait for the next session with them!!

Johnny and Borah never had professional engagement photos, so we made sure to get a few of just the two of them:

Then of course we got a few of the boys on their own!

And then the whole family...including Rocky!!

I LOVE family sessions. Make sure, if you haven't already done so, capture moments of your family as soon as possible. Even if it is with your point and shoot. But, if you are wanting a special, personalized session, feel free to call me:-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Evanee, Another Rainbow:: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

I have mentioned numerous times about rainbow babies. What can I say, they are one of my favorite sessions to do! The hope and anticipation of a newborn is high enough, but add a loss prior to, and those emotions increase 100 fold. When the much anticipated, much prayed for little one arrives, a sigh of relief is released by all, and I am the one honored with the job of capturing the photos:-)

Once again, I had Holly in my studio. If you would like to check out her maternity photos, click here: Holly's Maternity Photos.

This time, it was for the newest little addition to their family, Evanee. Evanee in truly loved by many....in her family, and across the world, because Holly has touched so many lives with the story of her second born daughter, Carleigh. You can read more about her story at Caring for Carleigh...but I warn you, bring tissues!

It is uncanny how much Evanee looks like Carleigh. I know they are sisters, but it truly is amazing!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming Full Circle:: Columbus, Ohio Maternity Photographer

It simply amazes me how certain people come into my life. One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Carl Jung: "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."

With the birth of my second daughter, Avaleen Rose, there was a new journey I had to endure before bringing home a baby....the NICU. During the ups and downs of that experience, I found myself seeking a comforting presence, someone to talk to. I was in the hospital for 5 days after my c-section, and I was blessed with an angel for a nurse.

At one point, the post-partum floor cleared out and each nurse had one patient to take care of. Call it fate, or call it God's blessing, Catherine was assigned to me.

We got to talking, and she told me about an amazing photographer out of Texas, Compassion Photography, and we stayed up for 3 hours talking into the early hours of the night about children, trials, blessings, family, photography....you name it, we talked about it!

I was surprised and delighted when a few short months later she contacted me to inform me she was expecting #3!! I was thrilled. I knew they had a photographer who they used frequently for their family photos, so I was not expecting the email stating she wanted to entrust her maternity photos and newborn photos to me.

I love when I am able to give back to those that have touched my life. I feel as if in instances such as these, we are coming full circle.

So, without further ado....her is Catherine's Maternity photos:-)

maternity photo

maternity photo

maternity photo

unique maternity photo

maternity photo

maternity photo