Friday, August 23, 2013

Free Engagement Sessions

Car dealerships allow for test drives, homes require inspections before you purchase them, and even most large ticket items have warranties and return policies if you change your mind. So why not photographers? Your wedding photography package is typically one of the most expensive purchases for your big day. Why not take the photographer for a "test drive"?

Are you on the fence between 2 photographers? Are you wondering if I would truly be worth the $2000+ price tag? Are you wondering if we would be a good fit for each other on your wedding day? Well, worry no longer. Test me out.

I am offering potential brides the unique opportunity to experience a "sneak peek" of their big day with a free engagement session.

What is the catch?

No catch. Contact me, book your couples session. IF You love me, and wish to book me for your wedding, put your deposit down, and I will hand over 10 images of your choice from the engagement session. If you hated your experience, and don't want to book me: no harm, no foul. However, you still have the option to purchase your images in print or in digital format. I will take no offense, because not everyone is a great fit;-)

Email me at or call me @ (740)-504-0509 for more information.