Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Journey of Life Photography and Videography Product: Columbus, Ohio Maternity and Newborn Photography

About 9 months ago Adam (my videographer) and I decided we wanted to collaborate and produce a unique project for my expectant clients. One thing I always wished when we lost Rosalynn in 2010, is that we had her pregnancy documented. There were so many things I forgot about it, and memories were slipping away. After her death, I started to document as much as I could on my blog, "The Journey of Life and Love". I wanted to remember all I could before every memory slipped away. I proceeded to document everything about my "Rainbow baby", Avaleen's pregnancy. MULTIPLE times a week I would write. I am forever thankful and grateful for these written accounts of the journey of carrying my precious daughter.

Adam and I started talking, and I told him I would like to offer something similar to my clients....but through photography and video. I wanted every mother to be able to look back and hear, see, and remember. I want dad to be able to go back and watch their DVD 18 yrs from now, and remember the hopes, dreams, and aspirations he had for his son or daughter. This is when he came up with the idea of "The Journey of Life". I was THRILLED!!! We were on the same page, and together we could produce something beautiful, unique, and PRICELESS.

Jessika and Matt were more than HAPPY to stand in as our first pilot family. After losing her mother, Jeanie,  to pancreatic cancer in June of 2010, Jessika became pregnant a year later, and had to face going through her first pregnancy without her mother. I cannot EVEN imagine. Cole was born, and has blessed their lives everyday since!!!

SURPRISE: 10 months later they found out they were expecting again!!! This time it was a little princess!!! This little girl Jessika can carry on the mother-daughter relationship that her and Jeanie shared. And now I present the sneak peak to Taylor Jean Marie's Journey of Life:

So, now those of you interested, I KNOW you are wondering what a project like this will cost. There is a basic package that includes 1 interview/event (shower, sprinkle, gender reveal), maternity and newborn photos with behind the scenes video taken during the session, and a hospital visit w/in the first 24-48 hours. All of this will be beautifully edited to music on a 30-45 minute video delivered on HD DVDs, and will also include all high resolution files from your photo shoots. This basic package is debuting at $1500. You will have the option for add-ons including the actual birth, extra events, a maternity timeline (baby bump pics 4-5 times throughout your pregnancy), etc. Please email for the full price list.


  1. What a beautiful idea. I would have loved to have something like this to capture my pregnancy!

  2. this is wonderful, erin! to have the pregnancy, maternity, hospital, and newborn sessions pre-booked with you to document the entire journey is such a blessing...and i imagine you all come to forge some pretty special relationships through the process.