Saturday, July 19, 2014

Callie and Brad 7-4-2014:: Ohio Wedding Photographer

Callie and Brad came to me 400 days before their actual wedding date. They found me through a Living Social deal I did almost 2 yrs ago. Callie purchased it with one thing in mind: get Brad comfortable in front of the camera before they had engagement and wedding photos (they were not currently engaged). She was so excited about having their couples session.....however, things change. I received a phone call a few weeks after our initial contact, and Brad had proposed!!! she was wondering if they could now use their LS deal towards an official engagement session. After talking about options, they decided to hire me for their wedding as well!!

I have been finding myself shooting in the northern part of Ohio a lot lately. This was no exception. Nazareth Hall is a beautiful complex in northeast Ohio in Grand Rapids. The facility was just perfect for an "all in one place" for a wedding. From the getting ready space, to the grotto where the ceremony was held, to the beautiful reception is spectacular!

We LUCKED out!! It was a 4th of July wedding, and I believe the first 4th that is hasn't been 90+ degrees and humid. It was a mild 75 and sunny!!! We could not have asked for a better day!

We incorporated sparklers, lanterns, and LOTS of fun into their big day!! I promise if you scroll through all of them, the end one is to DIE for:-)