Monday, February 27, 2012

The Birth Story of Cole:: Central Ohio Newborn Photographer

Having a photographer attend the actual birth of the baby is becoming more and more popular. I have a family who wants me to participate in their home birth, so as a "practice" session, I treated my best friend's birth as a real photo shoot. I typically don't edit a whole session in black and white, but there is something about giving birth that is very dream-like. Between the endorphins, the hormones, and the drugs, it can feel very surreal, and I feel B&W gives this same feeling.

Mom had a scheduled c-section, so I was unable to be in the operating room, but the shots I did get I love. Without further ado, I present Baby Cole:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Meriyia: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

I get the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing families and babies. About 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting pictures of Meriyia and her parents. This little girl gave her mommy so many problems early on in the pregnancy. there were moments filled with fear that she wouldn't even make it here. Luckily, after a tumultuous journey, she made it here healthy and happy, and one content little girl. This is the first time I have ever been DONE w/ a photo shoot within the first 1.5 hours of a 3 hour long photo shoot. Thank you Justin and Brittany for honoring me with capturing your 7day old little angel!

Baby Ladybug:-)

LIttle buttlerfly

Squishy face!

beautiful family

gotta love a dad and his little girl!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Growing In Front of My Lens: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

One of the best parts of my job is watching children grow in front of my lens. I know they are not MY kids, but I feel a close connection with them and thier families. I am sooo blessed and honored to capture their milestones.

Here are the maternity photos when baby Gabe was still in his mom's belly:

Then here he is just a week or so old:

Then last week I had the pleasure of shooting his 6 month photos!!

It is just amazing to me how FAST they grow!! I love every minute of this little man and his beautiful family in front of my camera, and I look forward to his 1 year photos!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Testing 1,2,3 :: Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

Everyone loves getting new equipment. I LOVE getting new equipment. But I learned the HARD way that you never, never, NEVER use it on a new client! All seasoned photographers have learned this one way or another, either by screwing up, or being told by someone beforehand. I WISH I had been told, but oh well. You live, you learn. So for those of you who may be starting out, take this as your warning NEVER a new body, lens, even flash, memory card, or battery without first practicing at home. TEST TEST TEST.

One of my REALLY great friends wanted some Christmas photos of her and her family. I had just bought a new lens that same week. I figured how hard is it to use a new lens? I could use my camera with my eyes closed, so using a new lens shouldn't change that.

We went out to the park. We took some AMAZING, beautiful photos. I got home that night, and downloaded them to my computer. This is the moment I knew something was wrong! I zoomed in close and realized that the images weren't as sharp as I would have liked. They were fine for the typical 5x7, 4x6 and even a 8x10, but any larger, and the image got really pixilated. Of course, these friends had to be the first clients EVER to want a HUGE enlargement. I am not talking about a 11x14 or even a 12x18 I am talking a 20x24 or bigger!!!

I couldn't figure it out. WHY did my photos come out so blurry? I took a closer look at the difference between my two lenses, and found out that my new lens did not have Image Stabilization (IS). The lens I had been using since day one has IS. IS helps with motion blur from you hands moving. It allows you to shoot at one or two more lower shutter speeds (SS), allowing for more light to come in through the lens. I should have increased my SS on my new lens and the pictures would have been just fine. However, I didn't take thee lens out to practice with first. If I had, I would have figured this out BEFORE a shoot w/ a client.

Because I have known this family FOR YEARS, I think they were a little nicer than a client I may not have known. I offered to either redo the shoot we already did, or wait till spring and give them a whole free shoot. This way they can actually get their massive print and hang it on their wall.

So, I decided to go out and play with all of my new equipment this past week. Here are a few of the fun pictures I got. I LOVE the "new to me 5D" and the lenses!!!

Miss Reagan!

LOVE the colors int his one. my sleepy baby!

looks like the new camera does well in low light. this is with no flash:-)

testing out the depth of field

Now trying out the new flash. Foster just ignores me

another one. looks like my family is getting sick of the camera:-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pull out View for Newborn Photo Session: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

When I first started out shooting, I always wondered HOW these photographers found all these AMAZING houses w/ great wallpaper, hardwood floors, and perfect baseboards all with perfect lighting. I figured my house was just WAAYYY behind the times. Slowly but surly, I started to learn the secrets...shhh... don't tell anyone;-) Fake wallpaper backdrops, fake wood floors, a baseboard from Home Depot, a backdrop stand, all strategically placed in the best lighting.

I figured I would take a pull back picture of my living room before the twins' shoot. I get amazing light through a big picture window in our formal living room, making it unnecessary for me to use any portable lights I have.

You can see all the fabrics in the boxes on the couch, along with a few waste basket props.
Here is a great picture of the twins' mom holding them in the little owl bucket we got them BOTH in!

Here is a great picture of the little ones all tuckered out after the shoot. They slept for 3 hours during the shoot, and then continued to sleep after as well. I feel like we should have kept taking photos, but it had been 5 hours and both mom and I were exhausted!

Then of course, the finished product. Now MY house has the perfect wallpaper, hardwood floors, baseboard and lighting. Ahhh...the tricks of the trade:-)