Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maternity Timeline:: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

I had been planning this project for a while, but I had to wait for the right subject to do it. Someone who was willing to take the initial photo EARLY in the first trimester, and continue to come to me through out the pregnancy. Karissa was a friend of my cousin, and had been following my page for a while. She was soooo excited to tell me she was pregnant, and I was thrilled, because that meant she was the PERFECT person to help me with my new idea. She came to me at around 4-5 weeks pregnant, 10 weeks pregnant, and then there was a long gap.....

Not because anything was wrong...but because her belly just wasn't growing! She just looked like she ate too many cheeseburgers until 6 months along. The 3rd picture is 6 months, and then 1 week before she delivered (even then she wasn't big).

But we were thrilled baby Jack made it safe and sound, and we finished off the maternity time line at his newborn session.

maternity timeline
Maternity Timeline: 4wk, 12wk, 6m, 9m

I will now be offering these timelines. The price is as followed:

$50 for each mini session. The first session will take the longest, deciding the best outfit/backdrop/colors. After that, you cna expect the sessions to last about 10-15 mins.

The newborn image will either come included in a full newborn session, OR the option is still available to bring the baby in for 1 photo to finish the timeline.

The final product:

$100- mounted 10x20 print
$200- 10x20 canvas gallery wrap
$215- custom framed 10x20 print
Digital file will be available for $50 if one of the above products are purchased.

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