Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lifestyle/Portrait sessions:: Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

So....we know the kids....the ones who never sit still? The ones that you LITERALLY have 3 seconds at a time to capture a picture of? Well, Hudson is one of my more active kids. His mom and dad know this, and since he was 1 year old, we have done combo sessions. Of course they want that one or two "formal" family shots, but they are also realistic about their son. They know it will last about 10 minutes before he is D-O-N-E and refuses to cooperate anymore. SOOOO we schedule our sessions around something fun that he will love and allow me to capture amazing, wall-worthy photos of him being HIM!!!

For his 3 yr, we had a BLAST at the splash pad down town. We captured a few beautiful family photos, and then let him run free!

If you know your child will not be cooperative.....PLEASE for THEIR sake, your sanity, and my tears of feeling like a failure, let me know ahead of time, and we can plan one of these style sessions!!!

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